Improve Customer Satisfaction With New ERP Software

ERP software comes with a separate CRM module. This allows you to provide quick service and quick response to customers erp software for manufacturing. Customers’ satisfaction is of paramount importance in today’s competitive market, where customers have many choices.

Every company is liable for a large amount of customer data, such as sales, customer complaints and requests, feedback, support, order statuses, pending orders, inventory and financial statuses. It takes a lot of time and effort to accurately and properly analyze all this data. Customer dissatisfaction is mainly caused by inability to do this. ERP software can greatly improve this situation. It integrates all departments within the company, making information accessible to them in real-time and at their desks. This allows employees to use the tools and data in the ERP software to quickly analyze and make fast decisions to deliver better services to customers.

ERP software can give the front office a lot more power and support. With integrated applications at their disposal, front office staff can quickly resolve customer problems and queries. The strong and integrated reporting tools give them financial details about their customers. This allows them to offer important advices, suggestions and market new products and/or services according to customer needs. The status of customer support calls can be accessed at a click and made more efficient by the fact that it is always available to the person who handles them. ERP software provides the best way to increase customer satisfaction.