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It is horrifying to imagine what would happen to USD rates in this situation. In the Forex market, USD rate would only fall by 1-2%. I hope my opponents, who are denying the existence of a Forex market control system, remember the basic economic laws. The spontaneous market is a barometer which establishes real prices of goods on the basis demand and supply. In this particular case, it is the real exchange rate of best forex broker.

The Episode #2. The September 7th 2005 floods in the USA and Hurricane Katrina. Steady increase in USD rate The Chronicle of Events.

Many US states were submerged due to the dam (dike). The destruction of industry, agriculture, and transportation networks led to the collapse of many states in America. The panic spread not only to the common population but also to officials from various ranks. Many thousands died. There were also cases of looting. The soldiers of the USA army killed many looters, as well as people who were desperate and thirsty. The USA declared the hurricane a national disaster. The first time that a plan of civic defense was put in place (see “BBC. The complete history of events

“Katrina”, was bringing the USA to its knees. Louisiana Senators asked for $250 billion to help with the recovery from “Katrina”.

This is the perfect example of one of the worst natural cataclysms to hit the USA in recent decades. USA received financial aid from Haiti, the world’s poorest country ($ 36 000). Ukraine helped to make 1,000,000 hrivnias.

What happened to USD rate in controllable Forex markets? The USD rate rose despite all economic laws and even common sense.

Chart 8.7. Chart 8.7.

Chart 8.8. GBP/USD exchange rate movement (for a picture, see notes at the end of this article)

These are the short conclusions for traders

The thesis that Forex is now a controlled market has no need for further proofs. Forex traders should therefore make changes to their strategy and tactics.